The Bali Hut at Miami Swim Week

Date: July 16th - 17th, 2022
Location: New World Center, Miami Beach, FL

Island Tribe Wellness x Miami Swim Week

Island Tribe Wellness x Miami Swim Week presents “The Bali Hut,”  a caravan in-person healing experience at the New World Center. This wellness activation features healing sessions: breathwork, reiki, mixers, Sound sessions, and Panels featuring industry representatives, fashion designers, wellness gurus, and additional guests: an award-winning wellness event and one of the most anticipated features of Miami Swim Week.

The Key

to a balanced life is a healthy relationship between the mind, body, and soul.

Join our Tribe at The Bali Hut

Over the years, Island Tribe Wellness has fostered a dynamic community. A "Tribe" conscious of the healing power of mother nature and the art of holistic living. Island Tribe curates healing experiences & activations - The Bali Hut; where the collective is welcomed to recharge, create, and be empowered.



Join our Healing circles led by wellness experts & practitioners to discuss the Wellness and Human Sustainability movement: 

 Infusing Wellness into Fashion - Where is the connection between fashion and wellness? How does Fashion impact our mental being? Reducing Clutter to ease anxiety.

Self-Esteem & Authenticity - How to be authentic in a world committed to an image—beauty rituals to living an inspired life.

Harmonizing Diversity - Well before 2020 and certainly after, we have experienced the tension of a polarized social fabric. How do we reconcile and harmonize these polarities for our well-being?

Healing with Plant Medicine in partnership with Micro by Muse. How to harness the power of Healing Herbs?

We believe

That beauty, health & wellness should naturally align, but how do we achieve this elusive experience?


Inviting a state of calm attentiveness in which your actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

A fusion of Fashion,

Culture, and healing through wellness activations....



A Lounge

To Set Your Intentions, Heal & Receive Divine Blessings ...



A Healing experience through Wellness Activations during Miami Swim Week at the iconic New World Center in the heart of Miami Beach. 

Join us ...

At The New World Center in the heart of Miami Beach. Two days of wellness activation: 500 17th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139