Cacao Ceremony with Love ...

" We’ve done a lot of things like this in the desert and LA and this is definitely my favorite."

- David

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Introducing the Healing Art of Reiki to our Wellness Community. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used for energy balancing, stress reduction, relaxation, meditation that also promotes healing.

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Thank you for creating a safe space for me to let go of worries, which allowed me to open up to healing, joy, love and light. I feel lighter and am thankful for Ana and Angeline for guiding our group through our special cacao ceremony.

- Mahavia

My husband set this experience up for me as a surprise for my birthday. I honestly had NO clue what I was in for. He just told me the details, and off I went. Arriving at the location, I was greeted by Angeline and the other girl (sorry, forget her name) as they both sang happy birthday and even had flowers ready for me! I immediately felt calm, safe, and excited to start whatever my husband set me up for! I’ve never really been a part of something so intimate and healing. I really needed it, especially right now at the point I’m in, in my life.

- Liana

“This is a perfect occasion for self care, transitions, renewal and or just to experience tranquility. The hosts were most generous and kind. What a beautiful way to spend the evening on the hottest day of the year in the desert. I am most grateful! Thank you!”

- Rochelle

“Soulful ritual in an exquisite space. Magical experience. Highly recommend.”

- Bainbridge

Magickal. Very special energy with these ladies and an unforgettable experience. I came to the desert to heal and this was a massively important step in the process. Whatever your intention, consider trying this magical concoction and experiencing the high vibing energy they are bringing to the world.

- Melani

A lovely relaxing experience, I left with my spirit feeling lighter - very grateful.

- Chris

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