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" We’ve done a lot of things like this in the desert and LA and this is definitely my favorite."

- David

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Desert Healing

Come To the Desert to Heal & Expereince the Desert Vortex...

Organic Yoga Mats

"With a textured surface of natural jute and hemp that makes it feel like you’re practicing on the earth, this grounding yoga mat is worth the splurge..."


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How can ancient wisdom help us today?

Herbal Plant remedies have been in use for thousands of years by indigenous Tribes and Cultures like the Africans, Indians, and Chinese...

Healing with Plant Medicine Ceremony

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Surrender Retreat

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Nature Heals

Hiking in Greater Palm Springs hits all the high notes — serenity, scenery, and fitness. There's no better way to explore the natural beauty and wonder of this oasis than on foot.

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  1. Dec 11 - Mar 12



Thank you for creating a safe space for me to let go of worries, which allowed me to open up to healing, joy, love and light. I feel lighter and am thankful for Ana and Angeline for guiding our group through our special cacao ceremony.

- Mahavia

My husband set this experience up for me as a surprise for my birthday. I honestly had NO clue what I was in for. He just told me the details, and off I went. Arriving at the location, I was greeted by Angeline and the other girl (sorry, forget her name) as they both sang happy birthday and even had flowers ready for me! I immediately felt calm, safe, and excited to start whatever my husband set me up for! I’ve never really been a part of something so intimate and healing. I really needed it, especially right now at the point I’m in, in my life.

- Liana

“This is a perfect occasion for self care, transitions, renewal and or just to experience tranquility. The hosts were most generous and kind. What a beautiful way to spend the evening on the hottest day of the year in the desert. I am most grateful! Thank you!”

- Rochelle

“Soulful ritual in an exquisite space. Magical experience. Highly recommend.”

- Bainbridge

Magickal. Very special energy with these ladies and an unforgettable experience. I came to the desert to heal and this was a massively important step in the process. Whatever your intention, consider trying this magical concoction and experiencing the high vibing energy they are bringing to the world.

- Melani

A lovely relaxing experience, I left with my spirit feeling lighter - very grateful.

- Chris

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