Why the need for Wellness?

Today's world feels heavier than ever before. Communities and individuals alike are bearing the brunt of a mental health fallout due to increased pressures from the pandemic. In the past, the Wellness industry has been heavily centered on exclusivity and “gated” access either by social status, resources, or cultural stigma on individuals health and wellbeing. 

We believe that wellness should be offered in a sacred and safe space to those that seek it. Island Tribe Wellness is committed to serving our local community and championing inclusivity by inviting everyone in need. We've nurtured a special team of certified healers and instructors in a welcoming safe space for all regardless of Origin, Gender, Race, Age, or Sexual orientation. 

What is Our solution Idea? 

Island Tribe Wellness provides sacred, ritual-based healing experiences in the Greater Palms springs area. We offer a complete array of sacred ritual based services; including Cacao Ceremony, Rebirth Breathwork, vibrational sound therapy, creative workshops (energy candle making and floral crowns), and Nature Healing Hikes amongst others. Each practitioner is trained in multiple modalities to meet clients’ holistic wellness goals. 

Our Founding Ideology …

Island Tribe Wellness is the culmination of a dream by Founders, Designer, and Author Angeline Hayling and OD Odero. Angeline Hayling is a Best Selling Author, Humanitarian, and Fashion Designer championing Sustainability & Artisan Craftsmanship. Her extensive global travels and experience in responsible fashion inspires  and empowers  women to live consciously through a holistic lifestyle.

Angeline’s work has been featured in Vogue, Oprah Magazine, In-style, Forbes amongst others. Angeline holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy from California Lutheran University. She brings over ten years of wellness and Holistic experience from her years spent traveling, building and co-funding their lifestyle brand Island Tribe with designer-photographer OD Odero.

Inspired by a strong religious, spiritual and academic foundation; OD Odero has harnessed a practical and intellectual spiritual journey through many cultures and religions of the world. OD adopted meditation at the age of 13yrs old through inquisitive conversations with his grandfather who was a Baptist church minister. As a US Army Captain and war veteran, OD has since used his extensive life experiences, guided meditation, spirituality and universal knowledge to inspire many of his students, and now the founding ideology to offer individual and community healing through Island Tribe Wellness.

Island Tribe Wellness has been featured by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top wellness experiences in the Greater Palm Springs Area.