Cacao Ceremony

Palm Springs

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You’re Invited to Join us for a Unique Experience inspired by the Mayan Cacao Tradition. This 2 hr. Cacao Ceremony is a fully curated experience...
  • You’re Invited to Join us for a Unique Experience inspired by the Mayan Cacao Tradition. This 2 hr. Cacao Ceremony is a fully curated experience to help you liberate, heal, and connect to your deeper self. Cacao can increase your connection to your inner self and deepen your understanding of who you are.
  • Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set. Includes a Deep Sound Bath, Breath-work, and light Yoga as a catalyst to guide you into movement and then stillness. Are you ready for Healing?

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    Customer Reviews

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    Teaerra Webb

    For the last two years, IslandTribe has been an integral part of my healing journey, and I will continue to come back. I have cultivated so much love, strength, integrity, and gratitude. They have loved me endlessly through each experience I have participated in. They are my forever family. I have been able to dive deep within myself, transform my pain into power, and bring family and friends here to help them on their own healing journeys. I am now more comfortable with my strength and leadership qualities, and they have helped me embrace my ancestors' visits from my past.

    To my forever family, THANK YOU so much for reminding me that there are people in this world who still care, who will help me walk through the fire to reach the glory land of peace.

    I love you so much

    Wonderful way to connect the team

    The Cacao Ceremony was a truly connective experience. Every detail of the experience was tended to beautifully—from the gorgeous mats and coverings to the presence of the guides. Each guide resonated with deep authenticity and centeredness. I learned that prior to hosting the event, they went into the desert to clear their energy and ready themselves for us. During the session, we quickly went from ease to intensity in the most fortifying way. All we leaned on was breath, scent, and sound, but for me I was transported through the universe. I went from meeting my colleagues for the first time to feeling like we were taking the first step on a very worthwhile and fruitful journey. The cacao itself was a revelation. There is something very powerful about preparing to consume something with such devotion. There is something transformative about sharing such a special experience with humans. If you and your community are open to breathwork, opening up, and being a bit vulnerable, I highly recommend this experience.

    Anna Oglodzinska
    Great for Company Retreat

    Highly recommend Island Tribe. We did the Cacao Ceremony during a work retreat and the whole group was extremely satisfied. Those who don't normally meditate, walked away with a whole new perspective and couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the experience. It was a wonderful bonding for the group. Angeline from Tribe Island is an amazing leader-so organic and authentic.

    Cindy Luciano

    My partner and I attended this wonderful ceremony together after I, alone attended the same ceremony 4 months ago. My experiences were worlds apart and incredibly evident of the spiritual awakening that was happening for me. No words can sufficiently explain the healing and peace that I've experienced as a result. My partner's experience was mind-blowing (to say the least). She's been extremely grateful for the courage to attend this particular ceremony as well as the love and support that both OD and Angeline extended to her. She has a long way to go in dealing with her early adulthood trauma but she totally believes in the power of the healing ceremony. She looks forward to attending again in her personal journey of overcoming the negative impacts of her long-ago negative, unfortunate experience. We are both so very grateful. Love/Peace Cindy & Terri

    Transcendent and Transformative

    My experience with the Cacao Ceremony shifted something inside me that had been stuck for years. I left the ceremony transformed. The weight of years holding shame was lifted and something broke through me. I released pain that I didn’t even know I was holding. I cried from a place I didn’t even know existed. I let it all go. The voices of OD and Angeline guided me throughout the experience. When my ego tried to hold me back, they were there to keep me anchored in the experience. I can’t totally put words to all that happened in that space, but I know my whole heart and body experienced what it felt to be held in the fullness of pure love. I gave birth to a new version of myself. I saw stars and became them. I connected with ancestors. I had a conversation with my inner child and hugged her. This was the most profound and beautiful healing experience. I am filled with gratitude for the care, love, and intention that OD and Angeline offered. The whole experience was truly transcendent. I am truly transformed. Thank you.