Cacao Ceremony

Palm Springs

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You’re Invited to Join us for a Unique Experience inspired by the Mayan Cacao Tradition. This 2 hr. Cacao Ceremony is a fully curated experience...
  • You’re Invited to Join us for a Unique Experience inspired by the Mayan Cacao Tradition. This 2 hr. Cacao Ceremony is a fully curated experience to help you liberate, heal, and connect to your deeper self. Cacao can increase your connection to your inner self and deepen your understanding of who you are.
  • Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set. Includes Sound Bath, Breath-work, and light Yoga as a catalyst to guide you into movement and then stillness. Are you ready for Healing?

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    Customer Reviews

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    Wonderful way to connect the team

    The Cacao Ceremony was a truly connective experience. Every detail of the experience was tended to beautifully—from the gorgeous mats and coverings to the presence of the guides. Each guide resonated with deep authenticity and centeredness. I learned that prior to hosting the event, they went into the desert to clear their energy and ready themselves for us. During the session, we quickly went from ease to intensity in the most fortifying way. All we leaned on was breath, scent, and sound, but for me I was transported through the universe. I went from meeting my colleagues for the first time to feeling like we were taking the first step on a very worthwhile and fruitful journey. The cacao itself was a revelation. There is something very powerful about preparing to consume something with such devotion. There is something transformative about sharing such a special experience with humans. If you and your community are open to breathwork, opening up, and being a bit vulnerable, I highly recommend this experience.

    FIVE STARS - Opened my mind to new healing possibilities - beautiful

    Beautiful ceremony + breath work! Angeline is an actual angel I’m convinced. I attended this ceremony with two friends, one from Seattle and one from OC, none of us had ever experienced this before. Everything was so special, details in everything - I was amazed at the powers of breath work and the cacao. I really vibed with the ritual and ceremony aspect of it. Since having this experience I have pursued more similar experiences (nothing comes close to Island Tribe) but still positive in my area. Just being around OD and Angeline you feel better. Such rare examples of people who are always doing the work and dedicate their lives to healing people with fashion and wellness. Much gratitude 🙏. Im forever changed for the better.

    Important to note they are dog friendly! They welcomed my dog Milo and my friends dog Gizmo. We really appreciated that accommodation!

    Incredible Experience - Thank You

    This was an incredible experience infact I didn’t want it to end I just wanted to stay in my bubble longer and longer. I never knew breathwork could be so powerful and was so grateful for the space and energy to be held through that experience. Would highly recommend the Cacao Healing Experience to anyone looking to go on a healing journey whilst in Palm Springs. Just wish I had this closer to home I’d be visiting very often. Thank you again x

    A Peace and Calmness like I never have before.

    My husband and I traveled from Los Angeles to attend this experience on New Year's Eve. The experience positively exceeded our expectations! Through the instruction and guidance of Angeline, I was able to truly connect with myself and experience a peace and calmness like I never have before. The room was filled with positivity, love, and joy. A lot of self-healing came from this experience. I HIGHLY recommend this experience to anyone that’s willing to find and connect with their inner peace.”

    Personalized Experience Heading into the New Year.

    This was such an amazing and personalized experience heading into the new year. This was my first time experiencing something like this. Angeline and Marsha are genuinely warm and welcoming people. They guided us through a relaxing and calming breath work, we got to set our intentions throughout, we got to the cacao ceremony, and then at the end, we did a nice reflection on our intentions and how we felt. They also gave us a little gift at the end that was very sweet. Angeline also suggested activities to make my trip to PS much more memorable.