The Bali Hut at Miami Swim Week

Date: July 16th - 17th, 2022
Location: New World Center, Miami Beach, FL

Island Tribe Wellness x Miami Swim Week presented “The Bali Hut,”  a caravan in-person healing experience at the New World Center. This wellness activation featured healing sessions: Breathwork, Mixers, Sound sessions, and discussion Panels on Healing with Plant Medicine, Infusing Wellness into Fashion, and Human Sustainability. The Activation featured industry representatives, fashion designers, wellness gurus, and additional guests: an award-winning wellness event and one of the most anticipated features of Miami Swim Week.

The Bali Hut is the Future of Wellness

A caravan healing experience with a long-term vision, says Co-Founders OD Odero and Angeline Hayling. “Our vision is to nurture an authentic traveling caravan of healing experiences from our desert home base in Palm Springs, California, to the rest of the world.” That’s precisely what the team delivered in Miami Beach in collaboration with Moh Ducis, founder and CEO of Miami Swim Week Shows and Hammock.

Join our Tribe at The Bali Hut

Over the years, Island Tribe Wellness has fostered a dynamic community. A "Tribe" conscious of the healing power of mother nature and the art of holistic living. Island Tribe curates healing experiences & activations - The Bali Hut, where the collective is welcomed to recharge, create, and be empowered.


Infusing Wellness into Fashion. 

Finding the connection between fashion and wellness -

The Panel was led by our Co-Founders Angeline Hayling, OD Odero of Island Tribe, Dana Goldberg’s Founder of the Bungalow Bazaar, and Analia Barbieri Hatmaker, and an avid Yoga practitioner at Inti Spirit. We discussed artisan craftsmanship, honoring the makers in fashion, and human sustainability as a core element in building a sustainable brand.

We believe

The Key to a balanced life is a healthy relationship between the mind, body, and soul. 


Invite a state of calm attentiveness in which your actions are guided by intuition rather than conscious effort.

Analia Barbieri of Inti Spirit, a Tulum-based Yoga practitioner, led powerful grounding Yoga exercises.


Starts from Within...

A fusion of Fashion,

Culture, and healing through wellness activations....

Love Beyond Measure Activation 

Guests were invited to learn to focus more on the self and intrinsic self-love instead of relying on superficial, external validation. How to escape and abstain from the body image comparison traps, develop self-confidence, and manifest that we are enough.

Set Your Intentions

Heal & Receive Divine Blessings ...

Love Beyond Measure Activation

Fabric cutting ceremony. The symbolic cutting and adornment of fabric tape measures was an extension of self-love and honoring all artisan makers that are often forgotten in fashion. This activation was a true expression of the Human Sustanability Movement...

If You Turn Inwards

You will find a space where there is a solution for everything - Sad Guru

Community Over Competion...

A Grateful Heart is a Magnet for Miracles...

Master Your Thoughts and You'll Master your Life...

The Bali Hut

A Safe place to Heal and Recharge.

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows...

Every Positive Thought is a Silent Prayer that will change a Life...

The Privilage of a Lifetime is to become Who You Truly Are...

- Carl Jung

Breathwork - Meditation

Sammy Starborn led a breathwork session to the delight of the gathering. In the end, it was a time to set intentions, share experiences in the healing circle, and end the Bali Hut experience with prayers and gratitude. 

Healing with Plant Medicine

This Session was Sponsored in partnership with Micro by Muse (Solely for research purposes*).  

OD Odero; led a discussion on his experience with the healing power of Cacao and the Cacao ceremony from a Mayan cultural perspective. The plant, the beans, harvesting, roasting of the final product, blessing, and packaging by indigenous healers in Guatemala. 

Analia of Inti Spirit; Shared her expert experience of living in Tulum and the healing powers of mezcal.  She passionately enlightened the audience about the artisan craftsmanship behind Mezcal's production and healing powers.

Sammy Straborn; Discussed the magical power of Psychedelics and healing values.

Island Tribe

Wellness curates healing experiences & activations.

Lets Stop Waiting for a Better World. Let's Start Working on it Together...

Trust the Seeds You Are Planting...

Be Still..


Choose People Who Lift You Up...

--- Michelle Obama

Live life

In Harmony with the Rythm of the Universe...

OD Odero

You Are Enough...

Infusing Nature...

A reunion with Designer Karelle Levy

Join the Tribe

Find Your ZEN...