Healing with Plant Medicine Ceremony

Palm Springs

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✨ Are you seeking a galactic soul healing experience? This private Psilocybin retreat may be the gateway to your enlightened consciousness. This sacred plant medicine...

Are you seeking a galactic soul healing experience? This private Psilocybin retreat may be the gateway to your enlightened consciousness. This sacred plant medicine can help guide you to reconnect with your intrinsic self, release trauma, discover a sense of meaning, and cultivate an overall state of self-awareness: A unique transformative experience.

Beginning with a consultation call, you will be personally guided throughout the experience process. Your session is uniquely curated based on your intention. You’ll be welcomed into a safe and welcoming space with seasoned practitioners and guides so you can fully embrace this unique transformational experience.

Experience includes:

  • Duration 2.5 hours
  • Guided breath-work
  • Guided Meditation
  • Spiritual movement
  • Cleansing ritual
  • Intro to plant medicine /micro-dosing
  • Soul Care Kit

Get ready to Immerse yourself in a truly unique transformational journey! 

FYI: Kindly Contact our Team for a Consultation Call before Booking:

Email: Reservations@islandtribewellness.coom

Feel Free to Book any available dates. For any special needs, groups, celebrations, intentions etc. Send us an Email Notification at least one week (7 days) in advance or 48hrs for a Booking notice of less than 7 days. A booking confirmation email will be sent to you.

Please email us with any Special DATE request or additional inquiries Here:

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Guests are required to contact (Email) our Wellness Team for Cancellations Approvals or Updates:

Cancellation & Refunds: 7 Days before the Experience if Booked longer than a Week in advance (or 48 hrs If Booked within 7 days and 12hrs if Booked within 48hrs). Upon approval, We'll generously provide Store Credit, Updates or Refund upon Cancelation.

Contact Customer Care:
Email: reservesations@islandtribewellness.com 

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Customer Reviews

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Incredible life enhancing experience! Highly recommended

This was my second wellness experience with Island Tribe (huge fan) and my first plant medicine experience. I knew it would be something special but I was not prepared for the incredible healing that took place. Angeline, OD and the rest of their staff are exceptional. They are forces of nature with intuitive healing gifts.

I was very vulnerable and released a lot of unexpected trauma, but felt so safe, supported and loved through it. The combination of sisterhood, healing and beauty was exactly what I was looking for and I received so much more. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone could experience Island Tribe Wellness.

I left this experience completely bonded with my friends and myself in a new way, heart open, mind open and with a new found strength. Island Tribe is an annual priority on my healing journey. Can’t wait to come back next year as my own tribe keeps growing.

If you are curious about breath work and plant medicine or just need some deep soul healing, look no further and book your experience! Highly recommend anything IT has to offer. 10/10!