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Journey Through the Sacred Portal of Cacao in Palm Springs

Welcome to Palm Springs

Cacao is deeply nourishing for the body, but many don't know it is also profoundly enriching for the soul. At Island Tribe, we invite you into the transcendent sanctity of the desert to discover the healing power of the Cacao Ceremony. 

While people may visit the Palm Springs desert to celebrate their bachelorettes,  birthdays, or revel during festival season, we ask that you approach this hallowed celebration of life with the sincerity, reverence, and receptivity to the Divine healing it is intended for. The ceremony is a soul-boosting experience that reawakens the cosmic reality of beauty, truth, love, and light within each of us. Join us for this sacred ritual by approaching it without expectations or ego but with an open heart, mind, and soul, surrendering to the messages, medicine, and magic the Cacao Ceremony opens the door to.

Cacao is not psychoactive or psychedelic, meaning you won't have the sense of being high in the usual sense. However, as a neuroactive ingredient, meaning it gently influences the brain, and as ancient spiritual medicine, cacao can give you a sense of lightness, otherworldliness, and transcendental peace, equating to a type of spiritual "high."

How to Prepare for a Cacao Ceremony

Water is life! It hydrates the physical body, clarifies the mental body, soothes the emotional body, and amplifies the spiritual body. Nourishing your body with proper hydration is a simple step you can take to experience profound ceremonial effects. This includes avoiding alcohol consumption because it dehydrates the body.

You will be lying on the floor for a portion of the Cacao healing, so we encourage you to wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing. Choosing earthy colors like rust, chocolate, wheat, and grassy tones will help ground you in the space and align you with Gaia and Cacao's ancient medicine, amplifying the healing frequencies generated during the ceremony. 

The Power of Intention

Perhaps the most important way to prepare for the Cacao Ceremony is with a mindful intention. Whether you find power in magick, purpose in spiritual ritual, or peace in prayer, the one thing these practices have in common is intention. The intention is what turns the mundane into the miraculous!

Do you wish to receive a message from Spirit? Are you seeking release? Perhaps, you are longing to rediscover your true self. Whatever gifts you desire to find in your cup of sacred cacao, affirm it. Simply write down, reflect on, or declare your intention out loud before joining us in this uniquely restorative experience. 

Next, let go of control and receive healing! Though it may sound counter-intuitive, you must be willing to let go once you set your intentions. You see, an intention is not an expectation. By affirming an intention, you share with Universe where you would like the healing to be directed. By surrendering, you acknowledge that you trust this ceremony to honor your greatest good and highest purpose, and you are grateful to receive the healing wherever it is directed.

What To Expect During a Cacao Ceremony?

We enrich our healing ceremonies with different healing modalities such as breathwork, yoga, reiki, aromatherapy, and the soothing frequencies of sound bowls. Each session is rooted in the ebb and flow of the day's natural rhythm. As such, no two ceremonies are alike. Each Cacao Ceremony is infused with the healing and guidance Spirit decides to gift us with at the time.  

What is constant from ceremony to ceremony is you will be surrounded by the love and light of like-minded group members with positive intentions. You will also be supported by spirit-led guides who honor the trust you bestow upon them to lead you through the sacred portal of Cacao Ceremony.

A Sweet Ending to A New Beginning

Most of our healing ceremonies are held at sunset. This is a very high vibrational time of day, and it also creates an opportunity for you to reflect on your healing journey throughout the evening.

 Afterward, you are newly reborn, delicate, sensitive, and unguarded; We encourage you to treat yourself with gentleness and compassion. It is essential to focus on hydration and a light return to your regular diet. Set aside time on your own to reflect and assimilate your transformative healing experience. Consider writing in a journal, recording your thoughts in a voice recorder, or creating a private video diary to commemorate your journey and honor your growth in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We curated this Cacao Ceremony not to be a finite experience experienced in a vacuum but to reconnect you to the earth's healing, a gift to take with you throughout life. Healing, growth, and ascension happen while actively living. As they say, if you want to stay in balance, keep moving.

This healing should not only flow into your spiritual life, but it is also our hope it melts into upon element of who you are and the world you live in. the conclusion of the Cacao Ceremony is not an ending; we encourage you to look at it as a new beginning. 

Final Thoughts…

During the Cacao Ceremony, the drink you will experience is far removed from the sweet, decadent chocolate most of us are used to. The commonality they share is that while you could live without a chocolate treat or the healing gifts of Cacao, after your first experience, you realize life would be incomplete without them. 



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