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Palm Springs

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You’re Invited to Join us for a Unique Floral Crown Experience in Palm Springs. Before Booking: Please Contact us for Available Slots, Times, and Dates:Flowers...
  • You’re Invited to Join us for a Unique Floral Crown Experience in Palm Springs. Before Booking: Please Contact us for Available Slots, Times, and Dates:
  • Flowers have long been connected with femininity. The ancient Greeks and many other indigenous communities around the globe, often wore flower crowns or pelts to express beauty, and royalty and to honor goddesses. The feminine represents gracefulness, gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity. Creating with flowers or vines is always a beautiful channel to connect with these attributes. Learn how to handcraft a divine crown representing your natural beauty. Come express your feminine energy and wisdom through our floral crown workshop.
  • With this experience, you will design and create your flower crown using a blend of seasonal fresh flowers and natural moisture-dried flowers. Our creative florists/stylists will guide you step-by-step on making a gorgeous Floral Crown using intricate wiring and weaving techniques with fresh hand-pick flowers and natural dried floral blooms to create a  one-of-a-kind design. Over time, as the flowers dry, they become perfect keepsakes and souvenirs from our lovely desert.
  • What’s provided:
  • Seasonal fresh flowers, natural moisture dried flowers, wires, ribbons, and crafting tools.
  • Namaste.
  • Bookings: Contact us for Available Slots, Times, and Dates:
  • Email: Reservations@islandtribeusa.com


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    Customer Reviews

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    Crown Experience

    This was such the Goddess energy we needed by making these fairy like magical crowns. It was like a meditation with intentional music selection . The flowers were all so bright and vibrant perfect for Our Goddess Tribe to adorn. We felt so magical as if we were in a fantasy dream world . I felt like a beautiful as I learned how yo create the perfect crown to align my energy . Thank you for making it so fun , relaxing and uplifting all at the same time. I feel I found my voice again by sharing why I chose the experience that would protect my energy. Thank Island Tribal for such a magical experience. I look forward to coming back and sharing with my family and Friends .

    Stephanie Joyce
    Dance of the Flower Fairies

    Bianca is a super talented teacher of crafts. We came for her and Angeline’s candle-making course. And then we came back this year for our flower crowns… with two more goddesses in-tow! This felt like hand meditation. Our hands were deliberate extensions of our hearts that day. With each twirl of the green ribbon, we bound our love and intentions with hope. With a wrapped hug of a daisy or twirl of a “bunny’s tail”, each was finished with a sprinkling of baby’s-breathe. And I almost cooed myself, holding Bianca’s baby who graced us with his presence. It was a self-love, spell-binding experience. Our crowns became our calling from our higher and future selves. Thank You.

    Flower crown magic - incredible empowering experience

    My group was blown away at the transformation of the space from our ceremony the day before. It was beautifully decorated with Moroccan rugs and beautiful colors. Bianca and Angeline led us in a flower crown class - will all supplies prepared. We had many flowers to choose from, feathers and greenery. All of our crowns turned out different and unique! It was such a beautiful experience and so much fun. We all wore our crowns together to lunch after our experience. The crown is a reminder of my time at Island Tribe and the sisterhood I have through these experiences. Goddess vibes! You wont regret booking this experience for your own tribe!