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Reiki in the Desert

In today’s fast-paced world of electronic connectivity, keeping our devices charged is often an integral part of our professional, financial, and social functioning. The idea of being at 10% before a video conference would fill many with panic! But what about our internal batteries? 

The vital life force that flows through your body, mind, and spirit can run low, just like a cellphone battery. When our energy runs low, becomes stagnant, or is completely blocked, we can experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease. 

Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is an ancient Japanese technique that promotes the healthy flow of life force energy, referred to as ki and prana. Derived from “Rei,” meaning Higher Power or Divinity, and “Ki,” meaning life force energy, healing is done by moving spiritually charged life force energy through the four bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

What to Expect from a Reiki Session?

Reiki can be done by the practitioner laying their hands on your skin or hovering above you. Feel free to express which method you prefer, keeping in mind that the practitioner may have their own preferences.

Most sessions last 30 to 90 minutes and begin by coming together with the healer to set intentions for healing, such as pain management, stress relief, self-love, or heightening intuition. Next, you will lay down, and the practitioner will perform a scan of your energy centers and begin channeling ki throughout your body. This can be done by infusing, balancing, or redirecting vital life forces. This is not the healer’s energy; the healer is a conduit of the Source energy, wielding it as a tool for your greatest good and highest purpose. 

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

The feeling of Reiki's deeply healing, restorative frequency can vary at different times for different people. Reiki can feel like:

  • Electric Buzzing or Vibration
  • Pulsing or Throbbing
  • Warmth and Heat
  • Coldness
  • Pressure or Heaviness
  • Pins and Needles
  • Nothing at all

When a healer is doing touchless Reiki, you may still feel the presence of hands. There are also instances when the sensation of multiple hands is experienced. These are believed to be the “hands” of a Reiki Spirit Guide. 

The Many Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a safe healing practice for everyone, including children, and has extensive applications. It has been used to ease and alleviate many issues and complaints across the four bodies and provide support through pregnancy, chemotherapy treatment, grief, and physical and emotional trauma recovery. The ancient Japanese healing technique has been scientifically proven to reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue, ease depression, muscle tension, and insomnia, and boost mood and energy. 

As a spiritual tool, Reiki brings us into greater alignment with our higher selves, the oneness of humanity, the unconditional love of the universe, and the eternal essence of the Divine. It can be used to heal past life karma, develop spiritual gifts like clairvoyance, and achieve spiritual enlightenment. 

Individual Exploration or Group Adventure?

Reiki can be done on an individual, group, or global level at a close or long-distance range. Whenever we send “love and light” to a country in crisis, for example, we practice Reiki at a distance. We can send the world healing and love as a form of global healing by visualizing the globe enveloped in white light.

Your Reiki healer can help you decide whether individual or group levels are best for you. As a good rule of thumb, individual sessions are best suited for working on personal issues and complaints involving specific areas of pain or illness, such as an achy ankle or indigestion, healing from a traumatic event, and energy work that requires more intensive healing. 

Group healing sessions are an excellent way to connect with spiritual seekers you just met or your family, spirit tribe, or colleagues. Together you can heal issues many of us share, revolving around self-worth, spiritual understanding, trust, insomnia, and chronic pain. Reiki can foster oneness with humanity and the collective unconsciousness even around unfamiliar people. 

Reiki in the Desert 

The voice of Spirit, often drowned out by the city's hustle and the suburbs’ bustle, reverberates through the expanse of the desert, removed from the noise and energetic clutter. A Reiki healer can channel the purest, amplified, natural frequencies and Divine vibrations by practicing Reiki in the desert. 

Island Tribe Wellness invites you to “come to the desert to heal” because through detaching from the modern trappings that ego identifies with, you can reconnect with Gaia, realign with your spirit, and reignite your inner light under the sun. By losing yourself in the desert, your most authentic, healed, the holistic self can be found!


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